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Subdivision Marketing Brochure Update

& Modern Farmhouse Model Home

Lots for Sale to design and build custom home @ Redbarn Farms Subdivision of Sedgwick Kansas

Now $40,000 available in downpayment assistance

Updated pricing with now $40,000 Down Payment assistance available this year for qualifying buyers don't miss this opportunity.

Artist Rendering

Lot 1 size 10,057 S.F. - $28,000

Lot 2 Model Home -   $449,000

Lot 3 size   9,999 S.F. - $27,000

Lot 4 size 10,303 S.F. - $26,000

Lot 5 size   9,920 S.F. - $25,000

Redbarn Farms Subdivision with small modern farm charm is nestled on the west hill of the farmstead overlooking the historic 103 year old icon Red Barn in the town of Sedgwick. This quaint and quiet neighborhood with a community garden will be ideal for your own custom designed and built dream home within the protective covenant guidelines. Residents will appreciate the convenient commute to work, entertainment, and services in Newton and Wichita as well as Sedgwick’s excellent small town school, local businesses, and special amenities.

Down Payment Assistance for Qualifying Buyers

Now offering $40,000 available in downpayment assistance with increased income limits

Sedgwick Redbarn Farms Subdivision is offering two Kansas Moderate Income Housing Grants available for qualifying buyers of $40,000 for down payment assistance with the following minimal and flexible guidelines. Don't miss this year's opportunity to receive free grant money to purchase a lot and build your dream home.


1. Moderate Income Housing Income Range

Household Members

1 Person 2 Persons 3 Persons 4 Persons 5 persons 6 Persons 7 Persons 8 Persons
Maximum 150% $100,200 $114,450 $128,700 $142,950 $154,500 $165,900$177,300 $188,700
Minimum 60% $40,080 $45,780 $51,480 $57,180 $61,800 $66,360 $70,920 $75,480
2. A qualified Mortgage Loan approval from any participating Lender

3. Five Year Deed Restriction starting from the time the restriction is recorded on the deed at a 20% annual declining refund payable to the City of Sedgwick for the prorated down payment assistance amount if the property is sold at a net profit (refund limited to not exceed 50% of net profit) within the 5 year period.  The prorated refund of net profits from the sale of the home is calculated after including costs of improvements, and seller closing costs. At the end of the fifth year of the deed restriction, the City of Sedgwick shall remove the restriction at the owner’s request and there shall be no further restriction on the profit achieved by the sale of the home. If home is sold at any time before restriction is lifted no further deed restriction will be applicable to subsequent buyers.

Example: Cost baseline example is the purchase price of the Lot and Home built totaling $300,000, receiving $40,000 down payment assistance. Home is sold in the 3rd year of restriction for $350,000, with an additional $10,000 in home improvements, and $10,000 in closing costs. Net Profit= $350,000-$320,000 = $30,000. In the third year of restriction the declining restriction remaining is two years or 40% of $40,000 grant assistance amount= $16,000. A grant refund of $16,000 payable to City from the $30,000 Net Profits with the deed restriction lifted upon closing. However, a Grant refund shall not exceed 50% of net profit ($15,000) therefore the limit is applied and only $15,000 is refunded. If home was sold for a net loss no refund is required.

Redbarn Farms Model Home available for viewing

Model Home Plan

Download & Print Model Plan